Eye Surgery in Harrisburg

Eye surgery office in Harrisburg

Eye surgery in Harrisburg

Eye surgery in Harrisburg

If you are looking for an excellent optical practice that can provide eye surgery in Harrisburg, when needed, then you will want to come to see us at Armesto Eye Associates.

When you visit our vision practice, you will be seen by our founding ophthalmologist, Dr. David M. Armesto, or another expert eye doctor on our staff. We offer different types of eye surgery in Harrisburg, including LASIK surgery. This eye surgery is helpful for people who no longer want to have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly. Our patients find that LASIK surgery makes a positive change to the quality of their life. Our eye doctor will be able to give you a complete eye exam and let you know if this is a good treatment option for you. Dr. Armesto was actually the first eye doctor to perform LASIK in our Harrisburg area. And, our retreatments are 80% less than that established as a national standard. Our eye doctor is also experienced and approved in all other refractive surgery options. At our eye care practice, patients receive other types of eye surgery in Harrisburg, as well. For example, if a patient has cataracts, we offer laser cataract surgery so that these patients can see clearly again. In fact, with many of the new intraocular lenses, patients are now able to see better after cataract surgery than they were able to see before the surgery. Intraocular lenses can now be multifocal, so that patients may not even need to wear any type of eyeglasses for driving or reading. During laser cataract surgery, the damaged natural lens of the eye is removed through a tiny incision in the eye, and is then replaced with a permanent man-made lens. Recovery from cataract surgery usually takes a short amount of time. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, while patients remain perfectly comfortable due to our use of anesthetic eye drops.

For an appointment to meet with one of our expert eye doctors regarding eye surgery in Harrisburg, contact us today.

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