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Treating blurry vision in Harrisburg

Harrisburg eye doctor

Harrisburg eye doctor

You may already know that visiting our Harrisburg eye doctor once per year for a comprehensive eye exam is a great idea and highly recommended by us here at Armesto Eye Associates. First of all, it allows us to determine your current vision requirements, since they are always evolving. Second, our optometrist screens you for the most common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts; ones which do not reveal any obvious symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. But there are also very good reasons why you should reach out and schedule an appointment here between those yearly exams. Problems can occur that indicate you may need evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Do not ignore symptoms. They could be a sign that you have one of the previously mentioned eye diseases, or some other concern that needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

Just a few of the symptoms that you should be aware of that mean you need to be examined are blurry vision, eye redness, eye itchiness, floaters, headaches, sudden vision loss, and eye strain. It’s not possible to find just one possible cause for one or more of those, as each can point to many potential diseases, conditions, or refractive disorders. As just one example, our Harrisburg eye doctor may determine that you have conjunctivitis (pink eye) after taking tests due to your eye redness and itchiness. Or eye strain may be something as simple and easily corrected as you needing a new or updated pair of prescription lenses.

All of the above symptoms should be acted upon in a timely fashion, but of them the one that is most concerning is sudden vision loss. Depending on the reason for this, our Harrisburg eye doctor may be able to either help you recover the lost vision, or at least prevent any additional loss. If you wait, however, the window of opportunity can end up closing and you may miss out on the chance to effect a more beneficial outcome. Floaters, which are essentially spots that appear in your field of vision, are also often the sign of an eye disease that should be treated right away.

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