All-laser Cataract Surgery in Harrisburg

Harrisburg Laser Treatment for Cataracts

All-Laser Cataract Surgery in Harrisburg

All-Laser Cataract Surgery in Harrisburg

If you have cataracts, caused by a buildup of protein that occurs on the lenses of your eyes, you may initially only need eyeglasses or contact lenses to combat their effects. Fortunately, cataracts don’t pose any danger to the structure of your eyes, impacting only the lenses themselves. Here at Armesto Eye Associates, we will only recommend our all-laser cataract surgery in Harrisburg when your cataracts have progressed to the point where your prescription lenses are no longer able to sufficiently correct for the loss of vision that cataracts have brought about. When you are unable to do the things that you need and want to in your life, it’s time to consult us about laser treatments for cataracts.

Instead of surgery that includes cutting, the procedure that we do here does not. Not only can it be done on an outpatient basis right here at our office, but our all-laser cataract surgery in Harrisburg does not cause any pain. The entire thing is done in less than 20 minutes. First, our eye surgeon will dilate your eyes with drops and then give you a mild sedative. A microscopic incision is made with the laser and your eye lens is removed. It’s quite simple, safe, and effective. Once both eye lenses have been taken out, your vision will no longer be cloudy or blurry. However, since your eye lenses are what allow you to focus, you will need a replacement to restore your normal vision completely. And while that can be accomplished with eyeglasses or contacts, a more efficient way is with the use of an intraocular lens implant (IOL).

An IOL is a replacement for your natural eye lens. And the ones that we put in as part of our all-laser cataract surgery in Harrisburg will give you a full multifocal visual experience, so that you will be able to see well at all distances with sharpness and clarity. It’s exactly like getting a new lease on your eyesight. You’ll be able to read, use a computer, watch TV, go golfing, and enjoy the simple pleasures of just seeing your surroundings again.

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