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Cornea transplant in Good Hope

Good Hope Eye Surgeon

Good Hope Eye Surgeon

Have you been told that you need a cornea transplant and are looking for a great eye surgeon? If so, you will want to find an eye surgeon who not only provides exceptional treatment but who provides compassionate and individualized care. When you are looking for a Good Hope eye surgeon, you will want to come and see one of our expert doctors at Armesto Eye Associates.

At Armesto Eye Associates we know that you will be seen by an excellent Good Hope eye surgeon. Our practice has many experienced doctors who will be able to provide you with a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical eye care needs. At our eye care practice we provide excellent care for all members of the family. Whether you need a cornea transplant or another type of eye surgery, such as LASIK surgery, we are ready to help you. Among the doctors we have on staff are: Dr. David M. Armesto; Dr. Mary Ann Bonomo Hosey; Dr. David I. Silbert; and Dr. Troy Hosey. Dr. Armesto is a corneal specialist. He has been performing many different types of refractive eye surgery on patients since 1993. He was one of the first Central Pennsylvania doctors to perform LASIK. If you need a cornea transplant, you will be able to receive that service here from one of the best eye surgeons available.

A corneal transplant by our Good Hope eye surgeon is a surgical procedure during which a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced using healthy donated corneal tissue. The cornea is the clear part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil. The cornea consists of several layers which work together to maintain transparency to ensure proper transmission of light. There are diseases or disorders that can cause the cornea to lose its transparency. This results in subsequent vision loss. A cornea can also be damaged by injury or by infection. The type of surgery that is suggested by our eye doctor will depend on the exact nature of your individual problem. There are different procedures used if the back layer of the cornea has been affected or if the front layer of the cornea has been affected. If the entire cornea era has been damaged there is yet another procedure available. Whatever treatment you need, you can be sure that at our practice you will be treated by an eye surgeon who is a highly-respected expert in the field. If you would like to be seen by one of our expert and highly-trained eye doctors, simply contact our office for an appointment.

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