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Pediatric eye exams in Lemoyne

Lemoyne Eye Doctor

Lemoyne Eye Doctor

Working on good eye health should begin early, and at Armesto Eye Associates, that’s what our pediatric eye exams are all about. Fortunately, your child will not have to feel any anxiety. There is no pain when getting a checkup from our Lemoyne eye doctor; the eye drops used for dilation may sting a wee bit, but other than that, it’s smooth sailing. And it is vital to bring your child in before he or she begins school.

The purpose of our pediatric eye exams is similar to the one for adults: to gauge your child’s visual acuity using a series of simple tests; and to screen for common eye diseases and conditions. Vision testing includes the use of an eye chart. But if your child is not yet of reading age, our Lemoyne eye doctor will substitute a game that yields the same accurate results, but does not require being able to read. A series of E’s are presented, and she or he will just say in which direction each is pointing. It’s effective and fun. When it comes to eye diseases, cataracts and glaucoma are not only an issue for adults. Either can occur at any age, and they do not present symptoms until reaching an advanced stage. So periodic screening is highly recommended. Some other problems, though, are more specific to children. Some of them are amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eye), drooping eyelid, and double vision. Early detection is always associated with the chances for the best outcomes. It is especially vital to have your child examined by our Lemoyne eye doctor because school work, athletics, and social development can all be affected negatively by vision difficulties, including some like nearsightedness that can be corrected easily with eyeglasses.

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