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Cataract surgery in Lemoyne

Lemoyne eye doctor

Lemoyne eye doctor

If you are having trouble seeing details in certain lighting conditions, or having trouble seeing while driving at night, you may have cataracts. At Armesto Eye Associates, our Lemoyne eye doctor, just one of whom is Dr. David M. Armesto, can examine your eyes and let you know whether you need to have cataract surgery.

At our eye care practice, our Lemoyne eye doctor will be able to easily determine whether or not you have cataracts during a regular eye exam. Cataracts do not need to be immediately treated with eye surgery, and sometimes a simple prescription change to your lenses can be an excellent intermediate solution. However, most cataracts will go on to cause total blindness unless the natural lenses are eventually replaced with man-made intraocular lenses. Happily, cataract surgery is now one of the safest and most commonly performed eye surgeries today. It is performed with the assistance of a laser. During the cataract surgery, the damaged natural lens is removed from your eye through a microscopic incision, and your new intraocular lens is replace through the same incision. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and takes only about 20 minutes to perform. Our patients remain perfectly comfortable during this procedure due to our use of local anesthesia; you will also be given a mild sedative before the procedure. When a patient has a cataract, they have a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. This makes the lens unable to properly focus light onto the retina, which in turn transmits information to the brain for interpretation. It is very common for people to develop cataracts over age 60, and by age 75 a great deal of people will develop cataracts. After surgery is completed, our doctor will add additional drops in your eyes so that infection will be prevented and inflammation will be reduced. There is no need for any stitches or bandages after the surgery, and patients generally remain extremely comfortable during recovery.

For an appointment to meet with our Lemoyne eye doctor regarding cataract surgery, simply contact our office.

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