Ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA

Cataracts eye care in Harrisburg PA

Ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA

Ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA

If you are having trouble seeing clearly while you are driving at night, you may be having trouble with cataracts. Whenever you are experiencing any type of vision problem it is important to visit our eye doctor at Armesto Eye Associates. Our expert ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA, Dr. Armesto or Dr. Silbert, can provide you with laser surgery to correct your cataracts, when necessary.

Cataracts can be diagnosed by our ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA during an eye exam. When cataracts are found, they can sometimes be corrected by having several lens prescriptions written over a period of time which will have you seeing clearly for a while. However, most cataracts will go on to cause total blindness if left untreated. It is generally impossible to determine how quickly a cataract will progress, but our ophthalmologist can talk to you about the different treatments available to you, and which should be best in your particular situation. During cataract surgery, you will remain perfectly comfortable due to our use of anesthetic eye drops. During surgery, the natural lens of the eye is removed through a tiny incision in the eye, and a new man-made lens is put into its place. There are several different types of lens options available, which will provide you with permanent vision correction. When a patient has a cataract, they have a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. This makes it impossible for the lens to correctly focus light onto the retina. It is very common for patients over 60 to develop cataracts. Cataracts will not really affect or damage other parts of your eye, so it is not necessary to treat them until they begin to affect your vision. Cataract surgery is generally extremely safe and effective, and is the most common surgery performed in the US. It also has the lowest rate of side effects and complications, so if you need to have cataract surgery, there is really very little need for concern.

To visit with our ophthalmologist in Harrisburg PA for cataract diagnosis and treatment, contact us today.

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