Optometrist in Harrisburg PA

Cataracts Eye Care in Harrisburg PA

Optometrist in Harrisburg PA

Optometrist in Harrisburg PA

Eyes feeling like they’re wading through clouds? And not the good kind, either. They’re more like the big, nebulous cataract kind of cloud. One that makes seeing anything a challenge. Well, you’re not going to want to ignore this issue. Doing so runs the risk of cataracts worsening and doing severe, permanent damage to your peepers. In which case, go ahead to Armesto Eye Associates to see our optometrist in Harrisburg PA.

You’ll want to see a professional about your Cataracts as soon as possible—especially if your vision is already starting to change. Other notable red flag symptoms include: double vision, flashes of light, instant eye pain or headaches, clouded vision, light sensitivity, and yellowing or fading colors. Keep in mind, these are just some of many other concerning signs to watch out for. You might be wondering what even causes this condition. In a nutshell, it is rooted in two specific causes. Aging is the first culprit. You see, as our bodies change, so does eye-tissue—becoming increasingly inflexible over time. With this change comes the loss of thickness and transparency. Another major contributor to Cataracts is a traumatic injury that causes a change of eye issue. Some people also have a genetic predisposition to it. Consider your family history, making note of any recurring experiences with this condition. For more information (or for an evaluation and treatment), don’t think twice about heading out to Armesto Eye Associates and checking in with our highly-regarded optometrist in Harrisburg PA.

So now that you know, what are you going to do about your Cataracts? As previously mentioned, don’t leave anything to change—especially when it comes to your health. Get started today by scheduling an appointment with an optometrist in Harrisburg PA. We at Armesto Eye Associates look forward to meeting with you.

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