Summerdale Eye Exam

Dry eye testing and treatment in Summerdale

Summerdale eye exam

Summerdale eye exam

Have your eyes become irritated and your vision blurred? If so, it may be a problem called dry eye. Dry eye is a very common medical condition that can be caused by a variety of different reasons. However, blurred vision and irritated eyes can also be caused by other serious medical eye problems that need immediate attention. For this reason, whenever you experience blurred vision you will want to make an appointment to immediately come in and be seen by one of our eye care experts. At our practice, patients are able to get a Summerdale eye exam which will let them know if their eyes are healthy.

At Armesto Eye Associates, we are very happy to have several eye doctors on staff, available to help you with your vision needs. Just one of our expert eye doctors is Dr. David M. Armesto. At our eye care practice, many patients come to see us with dry eye syndrome. There are two reasons patients develop dry eye. Either your eyes are not producing enough tears, or the quality of the tears being produced is not good enough to sufficiently nourish and cleanse your eyes. Dry eye syndrome is caused when the tear glands in the upper and lower eyelids have problems with the tears they produce. This can cause the eyes to feel irritated, burning, and generally uncomfortable. Dry eye can cause blurred vision and a general feeling of having eyes that feel uncomfortable. Dry eye syndrome is common and affects about 20% of our population. During our Summerdale eye exam, our eye doctor can determine whether or not you have dry eye syndrome.

Our eyes are constantly lubricated by tears that will moisturize the eyes. These tears also contain natural infection-fighting antibiotics. We also have reflex tears that can be produced when our eyes experienced a sudden irritation, including irritation by smoke, injury, or even emotion. Irritation to the eye caused by dry eye, can actually even trigger the tear reflex which will cause tears to flood the eye. But since these reflex tears do not properly lubricate the eye, eye discomfort will persist. So as strange as it may seem, having very watery eyes can actually be a symptom of dry eye syndrome. When dry eye syndrome persists, it can cause inflammation of the surface of the eye. Basically a vicious cycle will develop of your eyes being irritated and you’re having watery eyes. At our vision practice, our eye doctor will identify the solutions for dry eye syndrome that will work best for you. For an appointment for a Summerdale eye exam, contact us today.

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