Summerdale ophthalmologist

Dry eye testing and treatment in Summerdale

Summerdale ophthalmologist

Summerdale ophthalmologist

The frustrating cycle between having itchy and irritated eyes followed by continuously wiping away tears that do not seem to soothe or resolve the feeling of dry eyes can be maddening. During your informative and thorough examination with consultation by our premier Summerdale ophthalmologist at Armesto Eye Associates you may discover some surprising reasons for your condition as well as acquire more knowledge about our procedures for dry eye testing and treatment. Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) is identified by either the reduction of the amount of your tears or their lack of moisture producing relief. Many patients are surprised to learn you actually have two very distinct types of tears with one performing the key function of keeping your eyes properly lubricated as well as contain critical elements for fighting infections. The other type are known as reflex tears and are triggered in response to irritants both physical as in smoke, dust or debris and emotions. Since reflex tears are not able to keep the eye comfortable, your uncomfortable cycle of dryness accompanied by teary eyes persists and may be DES.

Dry eye testing and treatment by your leading Summerdale ophthalmologist at Armesto Eye Associates may enable us to identify the precise cause of your condition as well as recommend the best course of action. Left untreated, dry eyes can create ocular surface inflammation. Without professional intervention, additional conditions including arthritis, autoimmune disease or a variety of collage vascular diseases may also contribute to your dry eye. Patients typically report their eyes feel irritated, scratched or itchy, burning, uncomfortable and appear red. If you are diagnosed with DES, it may ease your mind to know about 20% of our population experience this condition.

Upon completion of your dry eye testing and treatment at Armesto Eye Associates by our highly skilled Summerdale ophthalmologist, we will conduct an in-depth consultation to discuss our findings and recommendations. Many times the introduction of artificial tears is a key provider of relief. However, controlling the inflammation is another critical aspect of easing your DES symptoms. When necessary, we will work alongside your primary doctor or other health care provider to ensure you receive the best care possible. We look forward to meeting with you soon and restoring your eye to a healthy, comfortable state.

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